This is “Stella:Portrait of a Princess”, a pastel painting from nearly 20 years ago. . .

She is with me yet at 33 and she still makes the sun come up for me.

Even so, the horses do have some rivals. They are likely to be raptors like “Poise”, also a pastel.


This is a redtail hawk looking for just the right headwind.


The original is sold but you will find cards on the products page and a giclee remains a possibility.



Skeeter’s Designs LLC

“By way of introduction, I am Skeeter Leard. Glad to meet you. My artwork has always been inspired by the horses and the outdoor world they’ve led me to know. They are still with me both as inspiration and motivation.” Skeeter


Text Box: Most original paintings are done in either pastels or acrylics. I have always also worked for illustration projects: I think I’m going to put one of the beetles somewhere in here. A little versatility never hurt anyone—the majority of the horses will be Morgans and it was ever their “specialty”!

Skeeter Leard

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