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“Quartet” original acrylic painting. 12.5” x 16”
Even when there’s no snow the marshes are white - with Snow Geese! Framed price: $1,100                                                

“Color Me Bosque” original acrylic painting 14.75” x 18.75 Behind the marshes are the Chupaderas and the higher peaks of the Magdalena Mountains. Framed price $900.


“LongLegs and LookAlikes”* was designed for

t-shirts for the Nature Store at Bosque. The joke was “to help you identify the waders while you were reaching for the field guide." It morphed into cups, prints, and cards. This is an offset litho print 13” x 19”, signed and numbered but not archival.

(Yes, there is a cheat sheet.) Unframed price: $25

“En Route to Mischief” original pastel 12” x 19”.
When the “winter New Mexicans” have left for their summer breeding grounds it can seem awfully quiet. Permanent residents like this cheeky coyote share the tour loops with visitors. Framed price: $750

“Rush Hour” is the original of the giclee you see in Limited Edition Prints. It is an original acrylic painting 16 inches square. Framed price: $900

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Text Box: This is the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge page, although in truth so much of my work is influenced by this premier refuge that seems pretty restricted. It is a refuge for more than wildlife, where people from all over the world find peace and beauty. In winter it welcomes tens of thousands of ducks, geese and the signature sandhill cranes.

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