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The rivalry persists!

On the left

“Profile of a Lady”,

framed pastel.

Image 26” x 17.5”
Price: $2,500





On the right

“Speaking of Eagles:Moreno”

A golden eagle in acrylic. 21 “ x 12”.  Price: $750




NOW AVAILABLE!     Beautiful professional giclee prints of the above two pieces produced

with fully archival materials can be purchased at $75 plus shipping. Please inquire.

“Love at First Sight”
Pastel original 17” x 24.5” Price: $1,900 framed

Dusty’s and Daisy’s first moments face-to-face

“What Are You Looking At?”
Pastel original 18” x 21”  Price: $1,500 framed

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Moreno is a rescued bird who delights people at wildlife events

Missouri Lady was a foundation mare for me.

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